Family Support Services

Family Support Services Program (FSS) provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live, work and fully participate in their community through a variety of in-home and community services including activities of daily living. 

The program serves individuals throughout their lifespan and focuses on ensuring growth and success in social and communication skills, health and safety and other individualized goals.

In-Home & Community Support

Family Support Services provides individuals with disabilities and their families, with a lifetime of home and community-based services in one-on-one and group settings. The services are designed to meet each person and family’s individual needs.

In-Home and Community Supports such as daily living skills, money management, meal preparation, medication assistance, accessing community resources, pre-employment activities, and social, civic, and volunteer opportunities are identified and tailored to meet the needs of each individual and family. Services are provided to individuals with disabilities living in a private home and give important relief and respite to caregivers and aging parents. The services are provided by skilled and qualified staff and focus on improving and growing activities of daily living, social and communication skills, pre-employment, and individual goals, while addressing any behavior support needs. FSS program enables independence by ensuring our individuals with disabilities access healthcare and are supported with medical management while navigating their neighborhoods, the public and the community as a whole.

Recreation & Community Inclusion

The FSS’s recreation and community inclusion offerings are designed to foster friendships and independence through social event and activities. Caregivers can find comfort knowing their loved ones are enjoying events and activities while they enjoy personal time off from their caregiving responsibilities.  Recreation and community inclusion programming is led by skilled and trained staff and volunteers and is designed to meet each person’s individualized needs.  

For individuals with disabilities, engaging in social and recreational activities ensures community inclusion and provides the opportunity to enhance important life-skill building, while providing critical respite for families and caregivers.

Ensuring Success 

The Arc of Chester County has three main components that support ensuring a successful outcome with an individual receiving Family Support Services.  First, an individualized service plan is developed for the participant outlining personal goals and outcomes within a specified timeline.  Second, the services provided are recorded, and assessed in accordance with The Arc’s Quality Management Plan. Third, The Arc of Chester County executes an annual satisfaction survey of its services to all participants and/or the family of the participant.  These steps and the key performance indicators captured, assessed, and evaluated ensure quality service delivery and participant success. 

Family Support Services being provided by The Arc help to keep individuals with disabilities living healthy and fulfilling lives.  Without The Arc’s quality Family Support Services some caregivers would be faced with placing their loved ones in high-cost residential living due to the inability to care for them, burn out or threats of loss of their own employment. And for those without caregivers and/or family, likely would not be able to live as independently as they choose or even survive at all.

For Questions and Inquires, please contact Ashley Cabry, Director of Family Support Services at 610-696-8090 Ext 258 or by email at