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Family Support Services

Family Support Services Program (FSS) provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live, work and fully participate in their community through a variety of in-home and community services including activities of daily living. The program serves individuals throughout their lifespan and focuses on ensuring growth and success in social and communication skills, health and safety and other individualized goals.


In-Home and Community Supports

All of the In-Home and Community Supports noted below are tailored to meet the needs of each individual and family. The services are provided by skilled and qualified staff for individuals living in a private home.

Community Support Services  are provided by skilled and qualified staff. Community Support Services focus on improving and growing activities of daily living, social and communication skills, pre-employment and individual goals, as well as address any behavior support needs.

These services are provided in the person’s home or the community, based on the service and the person and family’s needs. Service-based activities include but are not limited to:

  • Daily Living Skills
  • Socialization and Civic Activities
  • Money Management
  • Health & Safety
  • Accessing Community Resources/Inclusion
  • Pre-employment Activities
  • Volunteering Opportunities

Recreation and Community Inclusion

The Recreation and Community Inclusion Program is designed to foster friendship and independence through social events and activities. Caregivers can find comfort in knowing their loved ones are enjoying events and activities while they enjoy personal time off from their caregiving responsibilities.

The Arc’s Recreation and Community Inclusion services are provided by skilled and trained staff and volunteers to meet each person’s individual needs.


In-Home One-On-One Support: Bill Natter at or 610 896-8090 ext. 267
In-Home Group Support: Ashley Cabry, Director of Family Support Services, at; or 610-696-8090 x 258
Recreation and Community Inclusion Program: Ashley Cabry, Director of Family Support Services, at; or 610-696-8090 x 258