Message from the President

As long as I can remember my family and I have been involved with The Arc of Chester County. After eight years serving on the board, when the call came to let me know that the Governance Committee nominated me to serve as the President of the Board, I did not hesitate to accept the nomination. I was humbled to be elected by The Arc’s membership to begin serving a one-year term as the Board President of The Arc of Chester County beginning July 1, 2019.

As we began the fiscal year on July 1st the agency was full of hope and optimism and things were humming along until March 13, 2020 when everything changed. Instead of spring arriving in March a global pandemic arrived. It did not take long for everyone connected to The Arc of Chester County to spring into action. During the last three months of the fiscal year, the individuals and families we serve, our dedicated staff and board, loyal volunteers, members, donors, and community partners proved again and again that our mission and faith can be put into action. Together, we rallied against COVID-19 and were able to serve those in need of our programs and services. I’ve been inspired by the countless acts of bravery, kindness, and generosity that ensured not only our survival, but revealed the strength of our mission.

The challenges in 2019-2020 demanded that we pivot quickly, think outside-the-box, leverage technology, and find creative solutions to keep our essential and life sustaining services flowing. Arc preschool staff, and home-based interventionists, became well versed in tele- intervention using technology to keep children's progress moving forward. Our Advocacy staff continued providing advocacy services with remote help and guidance, ensuring no person, family, or caller was left behind without the support or guidance needed during the pandemic.

Arc Employment Training Specialists (job coaches) created new tools and technology supports for workers overwhelmed by the new demands of their jobs. Workers in roles such as grocery clerks and baggers faced new stressors and revised job responsibilities. Our job coaches helped them learn these new roles. Arc Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and Support Service Professionals (SSPs) put themselves on the front-line to assume all necessary day-to-day tasks, from grocery shopping to delivering medication, keeping participants safe and healthy. Our administrative staff worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the facility and operations running smoothly in support of all our essential services and programs. The facility went through extensive renovations to meet new safety guidelines. All of our staff made sacrifices in their own lives to ensure the safety of fellow staff, the agency, and those entrusted in our care.

Special events also presented an opportunity to learn new skills. The Arc’s annual Walk & Run fundraiser went forward as a virtual event for the first time. The overwhelming generosity of peer-to-peer and corporate donors resulted in one of our top fundraisers to date. Together we ran and walked virtually and raised over $90,000. We may have walked and ran separately, but we were united in spirit, care, and commitment. Since then we have hosted many other successful virtual events.

I am humbled and grateful to the individuals, families, staff, fellow board, volunteers, businesses, and community partners whose generosity enabled The Arc of Chester County to keep supporting individuals with disabilities and their families, especially during this unprecedented time. Your hope and faith have kept us moving forward. This year’s annual report provides a reflection of that hard work and the strength of the human spirit. Thank you for your unwavering support, love, and continued well wishes. I look forward to remaining connected to The Arc of Chester County in the new year.


Stephen D. Potts

Board President, The Arc of Chester County



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Your Donation In Action

The Arc of Chester County’s mission is to advocate, educate, and provide services to empower individuals with disabilities and their families to enhance the quality of their lives. Please click on image below to read how The Arc is making a difference.

Family Support Services and Transportation
Family Support Services and Transportation

“I am so thankful for the help I’ve received from my Direct Support Professional, Bill, during COVID. He visits me, does my shopping, and helps me cook.” - Joyce Bobbit, Family Support Services


“If you want someone to love your kid like you do, The Arc Preschool is the place to go.” – Genelle Guay, Arc Preschool Parent


“There are no words that can express my thanks for all you have done for my grandsons. I would not have been able to provide for my boys without your help. I thank God every day knowing I have you to turn to and help me fight for what is needed. And even during this pandemic, all I have to do is pick up the phone or send an email. You are always there for us.” – Glennie Campbell, Education Advocacy Services


"I really wish this coronavirus was over and my job coach could see me in person. But I'm glad Sarah can work with me over the phone, because I'm getting faster and better at counting money. I am proud of myself because I am doing so well on the register at work now, and I guess practice makes perfect!" – Katie Mericle, Comprehensive Employment Services Participant

Agency with Choice
Agency with Choice

“Our son Derek is the first non-speaking individual, diagnosed with autism, to be accepted into the Millersville University Integrated Studies Program. He has completed his first semester as a full-time student. This unique educational opportunity was made possible through the support of The Arc’s Agency with Choice. Derek was recently honored as a nominee for The Self-Determination-Against All Odds Award at the Chester County MH/IDD Annual Ceremony.” – Brenda and Bill Hughes

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The Year in Review


Of Every Dollar directed to programs:
Direct Services: 94.0%
Fundraising: 1.5%
Administration: 4.5%

Of Survey Respondents would recommend us to a close friend and are satisfied with the programs and services that we provide.


Total volunteer hours donated by 612 volunteers last year.

Financial Review for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2020

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Annual Loyal Donor Appreciation and Awards

Each year, The Arc of Chester County is pleased to honor all loyal donors, including staff, volunteers, board members, local businesses, community partners, families, and friends who have made a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and their families. The 2019-2020 Award Recipients were recognized for their loyal and dedicated service to The Arc and our mission. We are proud to also recognize and honor The Arc’s dedicated frontline and essential staff who’ve continued to work diligently despite many challenges and remained committed to supporting those entrusted in our care. Congratulations to all the award recipients and thank you to all our loyal donors and staff.

  • Employee of the Year Award

    Lorin Forcine, Arc of Chester County Preschool Teacher

  • Agnes Grady Chesko Family of the Year Award

    The Radio Family

  • Employer of the Year Award

    Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company

  • Corporate Partner of the Year Award

    Farson Corporation

  • President’s Award

    United Way of Chester County

  • Ruth Wood Philanthropic Leadership Award

    Julie Lord

  • Founders Award for Lifetime Achievement

    Joyce Ryan, Retired Arc of Chester County Preschool Teacher

  • Frontline Heroes

    Direct Support Professionals of The Arc of Chester County

Invest in The Arc

The Arc of Chester County established The Arc of Chester County Advocates Society to recognize individuals and couples who have made provisions in their estate plans to provide a gift to The Arc of Chester County. These gifts enable the organization to continue its educational and support services to individuals with disabilities and their families.

Eligible members have provided a bequest to The Arc of Chester County in their estate plans; and/or have designated the Arc of Chester County as a beneficiary in whole or in part of a Trust; Life Insurance or Retirement asset.

How does The Arc of Chester County’s Advocates Society work?

  • Establish – Donors can include a gift to The Arc of Chester County in their will or trust, establishing a bequest or by completing the paperwork needed to identify The Arc of Chester County as a designated beneficiary in whole or in part of a Trust; Life Insurance and/or retirement asset
  • Notify – Donors notify The Arc of Chester County of their plans and automatically become members of the Advocates Society.
  • Join – Donors join the network of other Society Community members and receive special recognition

Please contact Karen DiVincenzo at 610-696-8090 Ext. 202 with any questions. If you’ve already established The Arc of Chester County in a legacy gift please contact Karen so we can properly record your wonderful plan and gift!

We invite you to confirm your intent to provide a legacy gift to The Arc of Chester County and join our Advocates Society Listing.

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